What e-Custom is:

The e-Custom project is based upon a real-time connection between ​AIDA, the information system of the Agenzia delle Dogane​, and the Salerno Container Terminal IT infrastructure.
Based on this connection Salerno Container Terminal automatically retrieves and stores all the necessary custom information to release import containers to authorized customers.

The way e-Custom works:

A scheduled job, on a dedicated server, enquiries every 5-minutes ​AIDA.​
The response is given by means of a ​standard message defined by Agenzia delle Dogane.
The response is stored into our dedicated ​Custom Application​.
Several checks and data merge are performed.
A ​final message is sent to our ​TO​S in order to release import containers from any custom block.

The e-Custom benefits:

AIDA​ is always real time updated with the very last custom information.
As soon as a Custom Forwarder formalizes any import Custom Bill at the Custom Office ​AIDA​ is informed. Accordingly, within the next 5-minutes, Salerno Container Terminal is able to release import containers, to authorized customers, with the following benefits:

✔ No waiting time, due to custom formalities, during Gate-In process;

✔ No sensitive information in the hands of the truckers who no longer need any Custom Bill;

✔ Certainty of the custom information (no frauds or any human data manipulation).