Our Technologies

Since 2004 SCT manages all the UN/EDIFACT transactions by itself, being able to process and transmit all the required information in order to achieve the Line’s total satisfaction.

  • BAPLIE [Bayplan/Stowage plan]
  • COARRI [Discharge/Load report]
  • CODECO [Gate-in/Gate-Out report]
  • IFTSAI [Forwarding and Transport schedule]
  • INVOIC [Invoice message]
  • MOVINS [Stowage Introductions]
  • TPFREP [Terminal Performance report]
  • VESDEP [Vessel Departure]
  • WESTIM [ISO 9897/Repair Estimates]

UN/EDIFACT: Inbound messages currently implemented at SCT

  • BAPLIE [Bayplan/Stowage plan]
  • IFTSAI [Forwarding and Transport schedule]
  • MOVINS [Stowage Introductions]
  • COPARN [Container Announcement message]
  • COPRAR [Discharge/Load report]
  • COREOR [Container Release order]
  • CUSRES [Customs Response]

Moreover a set of non-standard reports are customized and regularly sent at customer’s request.

MISCELLANEA REPORTS: currently implemented and mailed by SCT

  • Truck statistics
  • Summary IN/OUT moves
  • Daily moves all Carrier types
  • Daily moves M&R
  • Daily moves adjacent terminals
  • Orders in status RGS/ACT
  • Full containers on yard
  • Stock empty CN sort by length
  • Available containers (prefix)
  • Grouplist empty containers
  • Available reefers
  • Weightnotes
  • Reprinting EIR
  • Dangerous goods on quay
  • Monthly list IMDG containers
  • CRS reserved containers
  • CRS daily moves
  • Containers with estimate
  • Containers with estimate approval
  • Truck statistics (2)
  • Import containers not finished
  • Export containers not finished
  • Load list (customs)
  • Booking(s) (OUT) in RGS/ACT
  • Vessel statistics
  • Reefer temperatures
  • Temperature registr./container
  • Late arrivals/vessel
  • Breakbulk
  • Shut-out-list
  • Expected loading list
  • Status import containers
  • Status export containers
  • Temporary loading list