SCT News – 08.2020

SCT News – 08.2020



The new LHM 800 HR mega crane for containers, which arrived fully assembled on 14th August, has already started working. It is the largest model of its kind in the world, created to be a high speed ship-to-shore rubber tire crane, to ensure the fastest of performances (record reached in SCT: 180 containers handled in 6 hours / 30 containers an hour).

Able to guarantee operation to ships with a 15,000 teus/containers capacity, the main tower is about 60 metres tall – as high as a 20 floor building – and has an arm which allows it to reach 22 containers across onboard.   

It is the fourth Liebherr machine of this generation in operation at Salerno Container Terminal, which now has seven cranes in operation.

This ulterior investment of about six million euros represents our strong signal of trust in the future of our country and in the port of Salerno.


The complex unloading operation of the giant crane, weighing a total of 750 tonnes, was completed on 14th August, the same day the crane arrived.

A beautiful photograph, taken on board the ship, immortalised a moment which summarises the emotions which drive Salerno Container Terminal: audacity, team spirit, working together, and vision for the future combined with old fashioned hard work.


With the arrival of this new machine we have completed the new investments planned, with a total value of more than 30 million euros, and completed over the last two years: four cranes, ten yard reach stackers, twelve terminal tractors and trailers, and a new control room.

This is, without doubt, the greatest operational investment ever completed in the context of the Port Authority system of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea.

It is worth adding that the purchase contract for the crane was signed during the lock-down period, when the feeling that reigned across the world was one of great uncertainty and worry. We did not want this feeling to infect us too, on the contrary. We felt it was the right moment to believe even more strongly in ourselves, in our team of excellent men and women, and their unbeatable motivation even in the most difficult of times.

We are now ready to vigorously relaunch the activities of our port and our company.


The month of August also saw the entry of Salerno Container Terminal in a new sector lengthening the integrated supply chain offered to shipping companies with a port terminal, inland terminal and a road transport system.

The objective is to obtain better operational and management efficiency, balancing import – export flows, with a high added value service which aims to carry on expanding the area in which the Port of Salerno is competitive to cover the entire Centre and South of the country, as far as the markets of Rome and Lazio.

The first container carrying trucks have been delivered to the terminal. They are the most innovative models made by Mercedes, able to transport containers measuring 20’, 40’ and 45’.


The data regarding traffic handled is positive, going against the national trend hit by the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. From January-July 2020 Salerno Container Terminal handled 180,708 Teus (equal to 80% of the traffic in the port of Salerno) growing 6,9% against the same period in 2019, in which we handled 168,966 Teus.

This growth encouraged us to employ new staff, and 15 young people found work at our terminal in the middle of the lock-down period, bringing the total number of direct employees of the company to 220, and the number employed by Gallozzi Group as a whole to 400. This confirms the group as the largest private sector employer in the city of Salerno.


Last month the partnership with TradeLens became fully operational. This is the logistics platform developed by A.P. Moller-Maersk and IBM with blockchain technology permitting the interaction of the entire logistics and goods handling chain (forwarders, container terminals, shippinf companies, customs authorities) and guaranteeing transaction security.

The platform allows us to share all of the data regarding the tracing of goods handled within the SCT terminal with the Maersk group in real time and at a global level.


In order to speed up operational processes and the acquisition of data regarding the weighing of containers requested and carried out in the terminal, it is possible to directly download the cargo certificate from jmt/ This operation, carried out on a just in time basis, allows you to receive an email in the exact moment that weight is confirmed.  


We cannot of course forget the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and we must remain on alert, continuing with strategies to safeguard the health of our employees and anyone else who has relations with our company.

During the month of August we installed a new technological turnstyle which allows access to our offices only after confirmation of body temperature and the proper use of a face-mask.

August 2020

Agostino Gallozzi
Chairman & MD 



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