SCT News – 01.2020

SCT News – 01.2020


The new year begun under a very good star for Salerno Container Terminal.


Finally the dredging operation of the whole port infrastructure commenced and is now proceeding at “full speed ahead”. The hopper dredger BREYDEL arrived on the 13th January and immediately started the sucking operation, which are being performed no-stop, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

The first phase dredging will be completed by next April, when a water depth of minus 13.5 m. will be achieved. Just after, the Harbor Master will release the up dated official port chart, showing the new allowed draft (12.5 m.).

The dredging operations will carry on, after a short summer time suspension, with the second phase (the tender assigned is covering both phases under one single contract) which will bring the port water depth to minus 14.5/15 m. by early 2021.

Another strategic upgrading is starting in these days. The port entrance is being enlarged by 100 m., to allow the access to vessel of 350 m. LOA, in line with the present Salerno Container Terminal quay length of 380 m. at the east side, 380 m. at the west side, 140 m. at the top side (for feeders).

Meanwhile in 2019 Salerno Container Terminal concluded the first phase of its new investment plan, with the following additional new equipment already delivered:

  • 3 Liebherr mobile harbor ship to shore container cranes, capable to operate up to 22 container rows across, equipped with a new generation 2 x 32.5 tons twin lift spreaders (total 6 cranes in operations now);
  • 8 Reach Stackers for the handling of full containers at the yards (total 14 Reach Stackers in operations); 
  • 12 Kalmar terminal tractors (plus 5 under delivery);
  • 12 Houcon terminal trailers.

In 2020 another Liebherr mobile harbor ship to shore container crane, capable to operate up to 22 container rows across, will be delivered.

The combination of the port infrastructure improvements and the investments in new handling equipment, is allowing the following targets to Salerno Container Terminal:

  • 9.000 teus vessels, by second half of 2020
  • 13.000/15.000 teus vessels, by second half of 2021

Salerno Container Terminal, which operated its first container vessel in 1977, is shortly becoming the most effective, independent and neutral regional maritime gateway, serving efficiently and competitively, from Rome to Sicily, the central and southern Italian import and export markets.

The vision: to support – with a great commitment and tailor made solutions – the Shipping Lines growth, to support Salerno Container Terminal growth.


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