Salerno Container Terminal

Salerno Container Terminal Spa

Salerno Container Terminal is an efficient state-of-the-art maritime gateway, linking the global container shipping networks to the import and export markets of South and Central Italy. In 1977 it operated the first container vessel in the port of Salerno and now ranks among the top Italian port facilities, serving over 40% of its population (consumers) and a vast number of the Italian manufacturing export industries located in the South of Italy, up to the Rome area.

While an increasing number of terminals in the world is controlled by individual shipping lines, Salerno Container Terminal is a private independent enterprise, and thus can guarantee to all shipping lines and customers top performances, neutrality and confidentiality to freely access regional markets.

The Salerno Container Terminal set up is based on two quays of 380 m. each and one quay of 140 m., six cranes operating up to 22 rows of containers across (15.000 TEU capacity vessel), 100.000 sqm. of bonded storage space geared with a large variety of advanced handling equipment, offering non-stop round the clock operations, 365 days per year.